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We build office spaces in a 'design and build' concept

Designing and building offices from scratch is our specialty. We know how to create them for the benefit of future users.

We have the creativity that translates into comfortable, functional interiors, and our technical knowledge, combined with our execution experience, guarantee the desired effect within the agreed timeframe.

We provide services for the office, retail and residential sectors, regardless of the scale of the project.

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The whole process has no secrets from us, and we manage it comprehensively. We start with a feasibility study, then carry out the original design, and later we carry out construction work and equip offices from scratch.

Our clients can count on our support at every step of the investment, including the task of the activities calculation and the complete control of the construction costs. Our cooperation often does not end with handing over the keys to the finished space to the client. Many of them continue cooperating with us in servicing such an office after the project’s completion.


We conduct investor supervision, and also provide services of a substitute investor. We advise clients on what model of construction work will fit their specific situation best.

We supervise the implementation of the project and the course of construction works in such a way as to adapt them to the specifics of each client. This way the new place is operational as soon as possible.


We work with a wide range of clients with different needs. Therefore, our projects must meet various requirements regarding functional aspects, aesthetics or specific technological solutions of a given office.

While developing the functional layout of the space and dividing it into zones, we take into the account the planned number of its users.

Our design always takes into account the client’s initial assumptions about the expected character of the future office and its appearance. While designing, we advise the client also on the technical details of finishing and individual installations

of office space

We know how to efficiently remodel existing space and commercial buildings for the benefit of the future user, helping him create a modern and functional work space.

We will carry out demolition work. We will build, rebuild or fully expand the facility, including existing installations and systems. We will create a new interior design. We will modernize the technical installations. All this is done in order to adapt the facility entrusted to us to the requirements of the client and changing realities or technological developments.

Optimalization of office space

We will help organize the space so that it is used as efficiently as possible. We will take an inventory of the space and analyze data, including the number of people employed, requirements for additional space and the organization's work culture.

We will show you how to distribute the required number of workstations in the area available so that you end up with a comfortable, attractive and innovative office, while managing your company’s human and financial resources more effectively. Our optimization efforts will also show the client how to reduce operating costs effectively.


We will deliver to the site all the necessary equipment. If there is such a necessity, we will design and manufacture customized furniture. We will also supply movable furniture.

Passion & experience,
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We have many years of experience in this demanding industry, but we still treat every task with enthusiasm and utmost commitment. Thanks to the competence of the entire team, we treat our projects comprehensively.

We complement the skills of designers with practical engineering knowledge and extensive experience in execution.

On the other hand, our knowledge of people’s needs and expectations allows us to succeed in creating spaces for comfortable and efficient work. Consequently, our approach to the design & build process brings results that are highly praised by our clients and satisfied users of the offices made by us from scratch.

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